About Us

Who we are

Qatar Canadian Co. is celebrating its 10 years of success in providing Ornamental Plants for a Green Environment. We design, plant, irrigate, maintain gardens, and provide the best solutions for a modern and elegant landscape, hardscape, and Softscape. Our carpet grass is the number one in the market terms of production and quality since 2004, thanks to our modern Nurseries and Farms. Passionate for what we do

Our Vision

To be one of the regional top Nurseries and farms investors, supplying the best trees, carpet grass, and plants, for supporting the Environmental and Climate development for Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World, and Qatar’s National Vision of 2030.

Our Mission

In Qatar we are the leaders in carpet grass. Our farms produce the highest quality of trees, ornamental plants in the market since 2004. Our beautiful nursery plants the best Washingtonia palms, seasonal flowers, shrubs, cactus, fruit trees, and indoor plants. Proud to be the best in serving our customers in Landscape, Softscape, and Hardscape. Visiting our green gardens and Nursery is a pleasant experience, and a good chance for finding the best eco-friendly flower ports, high quality fountains, Granite garden accessories, lighting garden accessories, and lawn mowers.

Why Choose Us

With more than 10 years of experience, we’ve seen our fair share of grass, trees, Ornamental Plants, and Landscape projects. But it’s how we see them that makes us one of the leader among Qatar nursery owners and landscape companies....... our agronomists Grass, trees, and plants care threats and solutions differ based on a number of variables, like climate, region and season. That’s why our team of agronomic experts stays attuned to the conditions in our customer’s region, and design services for them based on location planting conditions needs. Landscape, soft scape, and hardscape specialists Every year our customers are awarded the first prize for the best garden of a palace or a villa in Qatar. Thanks to our talented designers, engineers, and agronomists, who alwaysrise above expectations.